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08 Feb

8 Feb 2018 Telegram Trades

I post live trades via a Telegram App. It is free of charge, although at the moment the signals are written in Danish. I am going to change that soon to English.


  • Entry:¬† ¬†variable entry at 12,500, 12510, 12520
  • Target: At the time target was 12,550, but momentum was strong at the time of target
  • Risk: either 10 points or 20 points, depending on risk tolerance
  • Time: 13:22 post was sent

Various entries at 12,500, 12510, and 12,520….


CLOSE UP of reason for entry and placement of stop-loss















TraderTom, [07.02.18 15:01]
come on you annoying german index, who have disaapointed me so much over the last 6 months, since september last year…. are you going to turn around ….probably not… because that is all you have done to me… teased me relentlessly

TraderTom, [07.02.18 15:07]
DAX naaede 79.5

TraderTom, [07.02.18 15:08]
jeg har 3 aabne DAX posiotern lige nu til ialt omkring 200 point profit….. mit maal er naaet, men nu er jeg gradig… og alt andet stiger… jeg holder ved

At this point I am selling short FTSE

TraderTom, [07.02.18 16:00]
en trading ide kommer…. husk jeg er lang dax…

TraderTom, [07.02.18 16:01]
men jeg saellger ftse short nu i 7299.5

SOLD FTSE as a plain double top…. 10 point stop loss









TraderTom, [07.02.18 16:04]

DAX jeg lukker ned nu i 12630… FTSE stop loss er 15 point… max…..

TraderTom, [07.02.18 16:04]
vi ses i morgen

TraderTom, [07.02.18 16:05]
undskyld… DAX…. jeg lukke halvdelen ned nu… beklager…..

TraderTom, [07.02.18 16:30]
naaa… nu ville jeg have set godt ud hvis jeg havde lukket hele dax

TraderTom, [07.02.18 16:30]
jeg lukker FTSE nu inden 16:30

TraderTom, [07.02.18 16:30]
7274 for plus 26

FTSE was closed because the trading day was over… big mistake… it feel another 70 points, and I only got 26 points. The DAX was closed at 12,630 but only 2 of the 3 positions. It was a good call. DAX fell all the way back to entry, following Dow down.