07 Feb

7 Feb 2018 – Cashin’s Comments

On this day in 1904, smoke began to pour out of a fabric warehouse in downtown Baltimore. It didn’t look like a big problem and the fire squad arrived promptly. Unfortunately, so did a 50 mph windstorm. The wind, the fire and the fire cart decided to try for the same parking space. The wind and fire won the […]

06 Feb

6 Feb: Cashin’s Comments

Thank you to Art Cashin for this analysis: On this day in 1858, that august deliberative body, the U.S. House of Representatives was calmly discussing a matter of import to the nation. Well…..maybe “calmly discussing” misses the point. The House was in middebate/mid-filibuster on the topic of admitting Kansas to statehood…..and whether such admission should […]

05 Feb

5 Feb: Cashin’s Comments

thank you Art Cashin for this comment: On this day in 1895, America was in a funny financial spot. Well, it was a bit over a hundred and twenty-one years ago today – so – I guess you deserve an explanation. Let me see….if I remember what Sister Herman Joseph taught me – that different America of a […]

03 Feb

My Reply To ESMA

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has proposed a number of measures to curtail the activities in the retail CFD trading industry. What is the essence of the measures? Significantly reduce the margin availability on all speculative instruments (currencies, stocks, stock indices, commodities). A margin close-out rule. Negative balance protection Measures to stop certain […]

02 Feb

2 feb 2018: “Cashin’s Comments

thank you for permission to post these… all rights to UBS and Art Cashin… On this day in the mid 1600’s, some of the early German settlers in Pennsylvania would gather among those sects that observed the Christian “Feast of the Presentation.” As at any gathering of farmers, there was talk of family and when the weather might […]