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24 Feb

Result of Trading Competition

The London Investor Forex Show had invited my friend Charlie and myself to trade against each other for 90 minutes this Friday just gone. The person who made the most within the 90 minutes won the competition.

At the sound of the bell I was up £260, but with 3 open trades that were losing. Kevin had no open trades and had clocked up £285.

I closed my trades an hour later to make the total plus £1463. So I lost.

oh well . . . .

competition trades

Trades made during competition – but some closed the following hour

12 Feb

It’s not all glamour – minus £790

You know that feeling when you come to work and nothing seems to be working, and you can’t perform, to save your life. Well, go home instead, if you can. Today was a wash, and I knew it from the opening bell. David was running the room the first hour, and I was on at 9am. That never happened. I re-scheduled to 3pm, but cancelled that too. I took the dog for a walk instead. At least she was happy with the attention she got.

trading 12th february 2014


Tomorrow is a new day



07 Feb

7th February 2014 – 31 trades for 31 winners: £2,864.50

I scaled my trading size down today, as I was tired. I had looked forward to Non-Farm Payroll numbers all week, but when it finally arrived, I didn’t have the normal zest.

I don’t tend to look at my performance during the day, so I don’t know if I am up or down on the day, and I don’t know how much my account is up or down. I find that helps me staying focused on the process and staying present in this moment. I think today would have been a £5000 day if I had stayed with my normal size.

I find that Friday is often the most volatile day of the week. I wonder if it is because everyone else is tired too? When you are tired, your risk profile increases, meaning you are more prone to take excessive risk.

You can learn a lot about my technique by going through the trades and see where I get in and out. It is not perfect trading, but it makes money. You want perfection in your trading? You will never be happy. By nature trading is such a disappointing endeavour. You get out too early and you are disappointed. You get out too late, and you are disappointed. You don’t get in, and you are disappointed, or you get in too early and you are disappointed.

Then there are the trades you don’t take because you think you know better, even though your hard earned system tells you otherwise. As Wayne Gretzky, Canadian ice hockey legend said:

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

For traders it is even worse: if you stand back on a trade, two things can happen:

1/ you are right, and the trade would have gone against you, and you feel smug. Unfortunately, you have now begun a programming of your mind that you know better and you have enforced the wrong behaviour.

2/ you are wrong, and you are disappointed and you are upset with yourself for not following your plan.

Anyway, I have marginally gotten rid of my verbal diarrhea, thank you for reading.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tom H

trading 7th february 2014 - all day
Trading Friday the 7th February – smaller trading size today











06 Feb

£1305 – from 15:34 to 16:53 – but can you spot the mistake? Price for right answer!

6th February 2014

What a day! Dax spikes, Dow bulldozing the bears, and Non-Farm Payroll tomorrow to look forward to.

I closed the live trading room at 15:30 today, a plus 1.6% day, and I started scalping the Dow in my own peace and quiet time.

I have a price for the right answer to the following puzzle.

Below is my trading for the last 90 minutes. As you can see, I made £1305 in 90 minutes, but there is something hidden in this statement, which I am not proud of.

If you think you know the answer, then go to the contact form, and submit your answer.

The quiz price is pretty good. I have a brand new, never opened set of the Steve Nison Candlestick course. This course was priced at $1100 when it came out. If you get the right answer, I will mail it to you. So I will contact you, if you are the winner, and I will ask for your mailing address. The first one to submit the right answer wins the price.

Here is the trading record for the last hour (below). If you are interested in learning how this is done, then contact me as well.


trading 6th february 2014 - 3pm

scalping Dow and Dax