12 Jan

12th Jan 2015 Analysis

Oil 30min chart

I am staying biased for the SHORT SIDE. Bounces are shallow. Everyone is talking about oil being cheap, even people who know nothing about the markets. Oil needs to get above $49.70 to show any kind of traction to the upside. Intra-day I can change my mind if I see a long extended bar to the upside.

Dow Index 30min chart

Dow looks suspicious to me. We have a strong DAX index caused my rumours of QE out of ECB. It would not be the first time a QE rally has faded. The mere fact we are only hearing rumours suggest that the details are still being worked out. Dow made a double top Friday, and caught everyone by surprise. Price action reminds me of what you see in the RED box. There it was a new week and market rallied, but failed by the time the Dow stocks opened. I am neutral and am awaiting the open. I can’t deny 17,700 looks strong, so I will be biased long above, but below tells me 17,300 again.

GBP AUD 2 hour chart

Nothing goes down forever. GBP AUD has made a buy entry for me. It sold off Sunday night and lost 90 pips. Since then it has taken out the start of Sunday night and is trending up. I would prefer to have seen a more solid basing pattern, and I am not suggesting down-trend is over, but it may be. I am buying as long as we are above 1.8480.

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  1. Sundeep


    U have any view on SNB/Thursday?

    My broker account with Alpari was closed for obvious reasons. Is ETX Capital, who i also have an account with, on your recommendation, still safe?

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