09 Mar

Personal mentoring

Personal 1:1 mentoring is designed for those who want to learn my secret technique which I use for myself and in the live trading room to trade stock indices like the DAX, the FTSE and the Dow. In 2014, the WhichWayToday live trading room generated 135% in profits. Of those 135% I generated 110%. This […]

29 Jan

What happened at the POST FOMC meeting – 28th Jan 2015

Art Cashin gave a explanation of what happened post FOMC last night. Stock Market Plays Vertical Pong Until FOMC Drops A Safe On It – Buoyed by Apple’s stunning world record corporate revenues, stocks roared out of the box on the opening bell.  Then, instantly, stocks began to diverge. The Nasdaq eased back from the […]

28 Jan

Art Cashin – 28 January 2015

The Perfect Storm Shows Up Indoors On Wall Street – As traders monitored the expected Blizzard named Juno, the above noted concerns stormed into Wall Street. The Dow opened down over 250 points as trapdoors opened under a score of blue chips.  Meanwhile, yields on treasuries plummeted on the stunning drop in Durable Goods and […]