14 Apr

30min Q&A with Steve Ward 7pm 15th April 2014

Good morning, Many of you joined Steve Ward in his online seminar a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t seen the web-cast, you can do so now. It will be available to watch for the rest of this week. See the end of this post. Steve is running a 30min seminar tomorrow evening (Tuesday [...]

28 Mar

Recording of Steve Ward Webcast

Steve Ward’s webcast yesterday was fantastic, and I like to give you the opportunity to listen to it for yourself. Click here for webcast. The password is “solution”. Steve is running an 8 week course on trading psychology online (once a fortnight – and recorded if you miss the live event), which you can read [...]

10 Mar

Steve Ward Trading Psychology Evening Talk

Steve Ward is one of the most respected trading coaches in the financial community in the world. His services are sought by bank traders and prop-trading houses from every corner of the world. They turn to Steve to immunise their in-house traders against FEAR and DOUBT. Steve is doing a talk which is free of [...]

04 Mar

Time Cycle Analysis Dow Jones

I post this for information only. You can draw your own conclusions. There are three charts: 1/ Fib retracement 2/ 72 week cycle 3/ Fib Time Count Conclusion: It points to a turn down in the Dow Tom

26 Feb

Gambler? Or Well-Prepared Risk Taker?

Last week I traded live at the London Forex Show. It is a great way to sharpen your edge (having 400 people watching you certainly sharpen your concentration). My competition was Charlie Watson, of Ezeetrader, who I’ve known for a while. The mandate for the “trade off” was to trade from 1:30pm to 3:00pm. Therefore [...]