28 Jan

Art Cashin – 28 January 2015

The Perfect Storm Shows Up Indoors On Wall Street – As traders monitored the expected Blizzard named Juno, the above noted concerns stormed into Wall Street.   The Dow opened down over 250 points as trapdoors opened under a score of blue chips.  Meanwhile, yields on treasuries plummeted on the stunning drop in Durable Goods […]

27 Jan

Dr Paul – Commodity Analysis 27th Jan 2015

Gold and commodities The Gold market is at a very important juncture. Is the 100$ move north in January the start of a new impulsive wave or merely a corrective wave preceding further downside. At present the daily view shows a Gartley in process and from that we should see a selloff to at least […]

27 Jan

Art Cashin comment 27th January 2015

Art Cashin is sort of my hero on CNBC. I got his comment for today: On this day in 1955, the police were called to the five story, Fifth Avenue, mansion of Serge Rubenstein. There they found the corpse of the controversial 46 year-old “Financier.” He had been strangled with a curtain cord.  Rubenstein embodied […]